Are you sick of your car feeling like a sauna on those hot summer days?

Tinting the windows in your car reduces glare and blocks a significant amount of heat from the inside of your vehicle.

When you choose Carolina Car Craft for window tinting your car will not be practice for someone trying to learn to tint.

Your window tint will be professionally installed by our tinter Craig. Craig has been a full time window tint technician for over 15 years. He has been factory trained by Llumar and has been involved in continuing education on both vehicle and residential window films.

The FAQ’s to the right should answer most of your window tinting questions. Call today and we can schedule your car to be cooler and safer right away.
Did you know that tint not only makes your car look and feel cooler, it can also make you safer in event of an accident!

Window Tinting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How dark can I have my Truck/Van/SUV tinted?
    The NC law states that the VLT (visible light transmittance) can not be less than 35% on the front windows. Any window behind the front doors can be tinted as dark as you like. Back To Top
  • What if my car is not registered in North Carolina?
    We will install whatever is legal in the state the car is registered in, unless you are planning to have it registered in North Carolina. If that is the case then we will install to either of the two laws - your choice. Back To Top
  • Exactly what is the tint law?
    Please refer to the Window Tint Laws page of our website Back To Top
  • A friend of mine had his windows tinted and the tint company put unsightly seams in the film on the rear window. Will you need to put seams in my rear window?
    No. Our window tinter has years of experience and factory training. He can install ANY REAR WINDOW IN ONE PIECE! He did not learn by doing his friends’ cars under a shade tree for six packs. We honestly feel that we have the finest window tint installer available. Make an appointment today and see for yourself. Back To Top
  • Will you tint my car with "limo tint"?
    Sorry, but we ONLY will install tint that is legal for North Carolina or the state the car is registered in. Back To Top
Click below to download a copy of the current window tint laws for all 50 states.

Downloadable .PDF File

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